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ZenNotes is extremely easy to use.


ZenNotes utilizes https (SSL=ON) or http (SSL=OFF) protocol to retrieve your mail, without any external server.
Connected directly to your E-mail Lotus® Notes® server without any extra server software.
ZenNotes is the first native application of synchronization for E-mails Lotus Notes.
You can synchronize your E-mails with your Lotus Notes account (Time synchronization between 5 to 30 minutes available).
You can read, reply, forward or delete E-mails Lotus Notes.
Your Enterprise account configuration.
Choose Settings > ZenNotes > Subsection Enterprise account > Lotus® Notes®, enter the different settings and tap ZenNotes, then Settings.
For lotus Notes:
UserId : your Lotus userid
Password :your Lotus password
Database USxxxxxx.nsf. It is the name of your database in Lotus.
We can find it in the Lotus preference server your Lotus server name.

We must have receive an email from your administrator with it (associated with an id.file)
Domain: your Lotus server name. We must have receive an email from your administrator with it.
If you don't retrieve it generally you can see it in the icon of your mail icon from your Lotus workspace,
or you can also find it in the synchronization menu associated to your mail.
Server name

The most common question is usually the server name to use.

When you opened your Lotus Notes, set you on your Workspace (where you have all your application icons).

Find your inbox icon. Inside the mail icon, you should see your name.

Depending on the configuration done by your administrator, you may also have the short name of your mail server.

Then open a Command Prompt window and type "ping xxx", where xxx is the short name of your mail server.

You will get in response:

pinging xxx.aaa.bbb…….. .com or .fr .eu ..., depending on the area of your business.
for example : xxx.aaa.acme.com

It is this name should be written in the setting of the application ZenNotes in the field server.


There could be only one reason you did not have access: your Lotus Notes administrator did not give you permission to access your messages from an external web browser (your name was not added to the ACL, Access Control System).
To verify this, simply type in your prefered web browser the following link:

https://xxx.aaa.acme.com/names.nsf?Login (SSL=ON) or http://xxx.aaa.acme.com/names.nsf?Login (SSL=OFF)

with xxx.aaa.acme.com : the full name of your mail server found with the ping command.

You should get the welcome screen asking for your Lotus iNotes userid (username) and password (password)

The menu "Mail"
Select this icon to access the menu "Mail"
E-mail list
Sametime status icon
Not connected
Not available
Do not disturb
In meeting / Call

The icons indicate:
A function to sort your E-mails.
mail read,
mail unread,
mail forwarded,
mail replied,
mail urgent,
mail rescheduled,
event accepted,
event not accepted,
event canceled.
By selecting an E-mail in the list, we get:
Select this icon
You can reply to an E-mail.
Select this icon
You can send and write an E-mail.
Select this icon
You can forward an E-mail.
Select this icon
You can delete an E-mail.