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ZenNotes is extremely easy to use.

Address Book:

Connect directly to your Enterprise Address Book (Notes Address Book®) without any extra server software.
The user can be searched by name, serial or department number.
You can add your contact to your iPhone contacts.
Your Address Book configuration.
Choose Settings > ZenNotes > Subsection Address Book, then enter the Name and the Address and tap Settings.
Address book: this is to connect directly to the Lotus Notes LDAP (enterprise address book).
so you must have a different name server as your Lotus Notes server. To find it you must go in your Lotus notes preference
under LDAP bullet ( example: vancouver.acme.com)
It's not corresponding to your local address book (names.nsf).
In Lotus Notes
in the Setup menu select Directory Server (LDAP)
You will get the symbolic name of your server (ex: Bigfoot)
and the address to use (ex: ldap.bigfoot.com).
Address: ldap.bigfoot.com
Name: Bigfoot
The menu "Enterprise Address Book"
Select this icon to access the menu "Enterprise Address Book".
Default "Enterprise Address Book" will be named: "N.A.B.".
The user has to own "the login data" with the adequate rights to login on the server.
The user can make a research by name, serial or department number.
You must enter the firstname and lastname, the serial or the department number.
The result will then be listed beneath.
The user clicks on a contact in the list view to open the details view.
N.A.B. searches and shows the following contact information, when it are available:
Last Name, First Name, Job Title, Serial, Department, Email Address, Manager Chain, Phone Number, GSM or Location.
The flag indicates the location.
In the detail view it is possible to work directly with the result (making a call, sending an email ) or to copy the data into your iPhone.

You can send an email.

You can call.

You can call on a mobile phone.

You can add your contact to your iPhone contacts.